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【艾美幸福設計 許捷甯】漫溢明媚《璨光》 悠遊幸福靜美

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設計概念Design Concept

設想輕緩無壓的居家辦公環境,艾美幸福設計 許捷甯 設計總監 以使用者的訴求作為規劃前提,飄逸溫馨感的場域中,適當配置寬敞的處所,輕巧做出區分用途的空間,營造出幸福滿溢的生活感,使得在專注工作之餘,仍能享受家宅一般的安閒氣氛,在複合風格和材質的選配下,沉浸一室靜美

Amy Studio design director Amy Hsu base on the demands of the users as the premise to plan a bright and pressure-free home-office environment. Appropriately configure the spacious, elegant, and cozy circumstance; furthermore, ingeniously exploit various elements and features to zoning the layout for different purposes. Abiding by the design concept, excellently bring about brilliant homey ambiance for enjoying unwinds leisure time while hard working.

設計手法Design Techniques

精劃格局 風格染室
Accurate layout & Multiplex style


Since we hope that there are no compartments of the whole space; thus, zoning each area via floor setting. The elevated flooring domain serves as the private working and sleeping area; the rest utilize for the public activities. We also carefully plan the configuration of cabinets to meet the demands. Beyond, adopt pale tonality and Japanese Zen style, couple with semi-height furniture; finely bring about the simplicity and serene ambiance.

燈具點映 硬體柔化
Striking light fixtures & Converted structure


The amusing antler molding light at the entrance, the curvy chandelier with Tai Chi image in the working area, and the Japanese rattan circular lamp in the living-dining field possess striking features of each one. Furthermore, set up a laminate panel of arc-shaped pattern with indirect lighting, which not only conceals the electrical circuit but also matches the soft lighting in the working area. Besides, expand the function of the beam and column while giving a gentle finishing touch.

多元選材 視觸兼具
Diversified materials of balanced texture


Tint the whole space with emulsion paint of mild texture and soft touch. Then, choose the artificial stone dining table that is easy to maintain and free from scratch to meet baking demand. Further, equipped with black iron legs, the compound elements generate a harmonious and peaceful situation with the elegant wooden circumstance.

工作區The home-office area


Above the shoe cabinet, the pendant iron-wooden shelf creates a see-through feature, and the hang down green plant shows rich Japanese flavor. The antler molding light of playful ingenuity feature carries the interest of composite materials via the combination of black iron and wood. Uphold to create spacious space to receive the clear view, hence, set up a long desk extend to the wall. The open pattern bookcase and built-in wardrobe not only improves the storage function but also enriches changeable vision. After that, make use of a lightweight bar joist as the partition between the desk and the sleeping area, the thickness well-pack the circuits and leaves adequate room for the additional setting in the future, in the meantime, provides a safety fixture to lean on.

睡臥區The laid-back area


The elevated wooden flooring area equips a coffee table, seat, and a bed-couch for flexible usages. On ordinary days, here is an excellent private repose space for sipping tea and meditation; sometimes, sit by the window and pick up a book to enjoy the reading atmosphere; however, it can also serve as a delightful gathering area to chat with visiting friends.

客餐區The living-dining area


Exploit the indirect light fixture of the living-dining area ceiling to hide the bathroom exhaust duct. The back wall behind the sofa adopts hopping-color theme of gray-green tinge to manifest the Scandinavian minimalist style, and finish with a wall lamp to embellish the plane wall. The vibrant bright yellow sofa shows the dynamic feature, go with the marble coffee table of stone texture and bronze metal support marvelously displays the multiplex selected elements.


The track light garnishes the crossbeam and light up the corner of the dining area. The round rattan pendant lamp of Japanese charm gently emits soft lighting. Taking the visual concordance and appropriate spatial usage into account, erect the electric apparatus cabinet from floor to ceiling, and set up a shelf at the awkward corner to place sweeping tools and curtain closing.